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Note: You can mix bands for this combo. What is the purpose of isotron? Without it, we can not build your antenna. " - Clem W8V0 "I heard W7PEY on forty meters using your antenna and he was really pounding in. The Isotron is not a substitute for a yagi at a 100’, but provides a good alternative for those without a large amount of space to mount a large antenna.

> First he tried a Hustler vertical then the Isotron. · A friend gave me an Isotron for 40M, several years ago. An Isotron antenna generally should not have any type of choke balun at the feedpoint, even though the feedline carries some common-mode current (and radiates along with the antenna).

When it came to setting the SWR well that took a bit of effort and a couple of calls to Ralph at Bilal antennas. The 40 Meter Isotron Antenna. Length oi coax radically changes antenna resonant point. Here you can see my homebrew isotron at work. Recommend instead, Wire, Yagi, Dipole, Horizontal, Vertical Antenna(s). Isotron must be above the roof line -or- in your yard.

The isotron 20 is a small but effective antenna. Solve Virtually Any Restricted Space Problem - 40 Meter Isotron only 22 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches! An Isotron Antenna Solves Virtually Any Restricted Space Problem - For example, a 40 Meter Isotron measures only 22 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches! Grounding will improve S/N ratio. These antennas work fine if: (1) They are mounted in the clear and as high as possible.

Same results reported from stations I contacted when switching between antennas. Is Isotron 160 better than butternut isotron antenna manual vertical? Tunes & Performs Without Radials or Antenna Tuners Durable Construction, Can be Used in Extreme Weather Conditions Excellent For Portable Operation - Emergencies, RV&39;s, Field Day, Motels, Etc. Very Cost Effective! 95 1 in stock : 60 : isotron 60: 60 meter low profile antenna 4. See more results.

The ASSEMBLY section is detailed and not too difficult to follow. 95 out of stock :combo : isotroncombo: 80/40/20/15/10m combo low. The antenna was well packaged and it only took me a few minutes to assemble it. and 17 meters‡ of unit reviewed (continuous tuning). After many tests I discovered that the Isotron IS NOT too ground dependent as the manual said. · The A index LOW is GOOD 1 to 6 is BEST; 7 to 9 is OK; 11 or more is BAD; Represents the overall geomagnetic condition of the ionosphere ("Ap" if averaged from the Kp-Index) (an average of the eight 3-hour K-Indices) (&39;A&39; referring to amplitude) over a given 24 hour period, ranging (linearly) typically from 1-100 but theoretically up to 400.

Please see individual antenna listings for more details. Isotron Antennas Time Owned: 6 to 12 months. On the HF bands, a bumper-mounted “homebrew” antenna—that costs about the same as the VHF antenna—added the bonus of a fun day at the workbench!

With a 20% Restocking fee(. The Isotron 160 was much more difficult, the assembly was straight forward and everything lined up perfectly. I have the original manual, and I&39;ve reviewed Isotron&39;s installation instructions, but the manual is relatively brief, and they don&39;t discuss a wide range of other various installation options. A metal mast is recommended with the coax taped to the mast. If, you have a balcony, inside house, or basement-- don&39;t purchase the Isotron Antenna(s). .

Here is my order for the Isotron 160. The Isotron antenna&39;s take conventional thinking and throws it out the window. The main category is Manuals of amateur radio transceivers and equipment that is about Ham radio manuals for amateur radio. I live in a restricted community, but was able to mount the Isotron on a 25&39; mast, because of it&39;s small signature (No folded dipoles and wires hanging all over).

. I have one Inverted L for 160 meters and went for the Isotron just to have a second antenna ( a noise antenna) for use with the MFJ-1206 Noise Canceling unit and playing some tests with this noise unit. com in a single category. In the apartment I used second-hand, coax-fed 20- and 40-meter Bilal Isotron antennas.

(2) They are well grounded. · Correction, read the 40 Meter manual. jpg manuals/Harness Connection Antenna 001. Isotron Antennas : Manualmodified - Antennas Parts Mounting Accessories Amateur Ham radio antennas Contact Isotron antennas Isotron, small antenna, low-profile antenna. I Can&39;t and won&39;t recommend Isotron Antenna(s)to any person. The antenna&39;s work, I am pleased with the performance, and my XYL is happy.

I have build it by following the instructions on the homepage of F5SWN, but for 80m band and with copper plates. The purpose of the Isotron unit itself is much like that of an extremely shortened loaded antenna element - it&39;s a resonant circuit where we can flow current. He had a nice 5/9 signal. isotron 4020combo: 40/20m combo low profile antenna 4.

· Look up "coaxial antenna. · The Isotron 80/40 Combination Antenna System requires only 1 FEED LINES AND ONE METAL MAST! In that case, while the inner surface of the cable "feeds" the antenna, the outer surface is a radiator.

Isotron, E/H, and other variants, always have in their manuals or instructions, one or more conditions: NO chokes at the feedpoint. The antenna is not hard to tune. The instruction manual from Bilal is sort of basic. Outdoor rating in Watts). Sure it can be done, but who needs grey hairs before their time?

Isotron 200B is FCC Part 15 Compatible (under 10 feet in Length) Easy Installation; Frequencies Available from 500 Khz. I use it everyday and works as well as my butternut vertical maybe a bit better. About Isotron antenna manulas The resource is currently listed in dxzone. · The Isotron 20/15/10 Combination Antenna System requires only 1 FEED LINES AND ONE METAL MAST!

This review is for the 40/80 Isotron Combo. Lightning Arrestor inline will further improve the S/N ratio. I own 10, 20, meter Isotrons and have just ordered the 6 meter version.

jpg manuals/Wiring Harness 001. I have the 80m and 40m combo up @ 25&39; on a push-up pole. (I am in Los Angeles. My HF antenna is a “bug-catcher” style vertical that has netted me CW and phone contacts worldwide using my ICOM IC-706MkII. The antenna consists of. Coax must NOT be 1/4 wavelength or multiple. Order the model that covers the frequency you will be using.

The Instruction Manual The 40-meter Isotron instruction manual is a small, 18 page manual put together in pamphlet style. I heard that directly from its inventor ("It makes the antenna extremely narrow-banded"). And every drop of current that flows in the coax end contraption, must also flow on the outside of the coax shield! Isotron Antennas : Manual 80 - Antennas Parts Mounting Accessories Amateur Ham radio antennas Contact Isotron antennas Isotron, small antenna, low-profile antenna.

There are ten models available to cover the entire AM broadcast band. The Isotron AM Antennas are the perfect AM broadcast antenna for all broadcast band AM transmitters from 300 to 1000 Watts! Hard to argue with the fact that they work, although very narrow banded and you have to use some rugged vacuum variables to withstand the high voltages appearing at the tuning point.

" View attachment 557266 This model uses a solid coaxial sleeve, but the same effect can be obtained with simply the cable itself, ideally with a choke at half-wave point on the cable. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It consists of an inductor wound for 20 m and a capacitor which consists of a top fixed metal plate and a movable lower plate which allows you to tune the antenna. Bilal has been very helpful with assisting me over the phone. *. They worked great and, although the mast was six feet from my TV, I could tune a clean signal at 100 W output.

Easy, Quick, and Simple Installation; Tunes & Performs Without Radials or Antenna Tuners; Handles Up to 1000 Watts PEP. The Isotron Antenna Solve Virtually Any Restricted Space Problem - 40 Meter Isotron only 22 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches! and we need your operating frequency.

· Isotron antennas, designed and manufactured by the Bilal Company, employ a unique new embodiment of a full-size harmonic antenna which permits the radio amateur who has limited space to get on the air from an apartment, condominium, mobile home, or other space-limited environments, There are no compromises in matching or tuning Isotron antennas to your transmitter. What is the size of an isotron antenna? Amatuer Ham Radio Antennas Also Great For Limited Spaces. I mounted them on the balcony before operating and took them down when I was done. The SETUP section says to mount the antenna in the clear and as high as possible. isotron antenna manual What is isotron 20? Easy, Quick, and Simple Installation Tunes and Performs Without Radials or Antenna Tuners Handles Up to 1000 Watts PEP (depending on mode and version. 99); loss and, of paying the shipping.

Any or all of these directly tell us that the coax is the real antenna. 95 special order : 6 : isotron 6: 6 meter low profile antenna . mobile antenna that retails for . Isotron Antennas : Manual 40 - Antennas Parts Mounting Accessories Amateur Ham radio antennas Contact Isotron antennas Isotron, small antenna, low-profile antenna. , if you thought tuning Carl&39;s antenna or any base loaded antenna was difficult, try reading the adjustment to get the Isotron tuned!

December QST: Low Power, Crummy Antenna - Page 3. I got around to testing it and found that, mounted on a 20 ft mast in the back yard, it received signals about 2 S units lower than a halfwave dipole mounted about 10 ft higher. W8LAS Rating:; Wonderful stealth antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. I just read the 40 meter manual for the Isotron antenna and WOW! I&39;m hoping that I could possibly mount this antenna in my attic, or on the facia of the house, versus isotron antenna manual erecting a mast, due to my having some mobility. Much cheaper than an Isotron. The Isotron, and other antennas that have a relatively small (compared to a wavelength) contraption sitting at the end of the coax, operate by using the coax shield as the actual radiator.

com Email: com Featured Product: AM Broadcast Band Antennas (Other frequencies up to 60 mhz available). But if you are looking for a compact, mulit-band solution to your antenna situation, consider this amazing option! manuals/isotronmodified manuals/isotron 40 manuals/isotron 80 manuals/inst 160c modified manuals/isotronmodified manuals/Single Feedline Operation 001. )" - John W6EP "We were talking with Fred (WB3GBF)-he was mobile isotron antenna manual in Lancaster, PA - with the Isotron 20antenna. I constantly take to other&39;s all over the U.

Isotron Antennas Hand crafted by the Bilal Company Ralph Bilal, WD0EJA, 137 Manchester Drive, Florissant, Colorado 80816 For questions & orders - CALL: 719/www. The Isotron Antenna.

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